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Taking your conferences & events online. 

Online webinar, on-demand workout class, meeting using a video conferencing tool, a conference on your laptop/phone are examples of virtual events.

A virtual event is an on-line event where you experience the event and its content, instead of gathering in-person at a venue.

Face-to-Face interaction is important, and that is the main reason for Elite Productions & Entertainment to shift its focus, innovate, and start providing the industry with alternatives. The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away and that is why going virtual is a necessary part of your event program. You can even have a bigger audience range now as location of each attendee does not matter. The only thing you need is an internet access and a device to experience a virtual event in your office or living room.

Services that Elite Studios can provide are:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Hybrid events
  • Film & Editing
  • Podcast
  • Social Media Live shows
  • Social Media Broadcasting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Customized Design Backgrounds & Set on demand

  • & Much More...

Contact us for more information, tell us your idea.. and we will make it happen.



Have your annual conference/meeting with your members online

On the location of your choice we can facilitate your conference/meeting in a virtual way. A webinar right out of your office of boardroom. No internet connection? We can facilitate that too.


A custom made studio for your online event.

Choosing to have your webinar from our studio gives you more options. Besides our high speed backed-up internet connection, we can provide you set design. Stand out, be creative and be unique. Branding is the way to go when going virtual



Having you guest speakers virtually in your event.

These are town halls, sales kick-offs, companywide events, trainings, department meetings, and more.  While it would be great to fly every employee to your organization’s headquarters, it would be incredibly costly, and the scheduling required would be time- consuming. The next best option is to host events that are part in-person, part virtual.


Are you a speaker and can not travel to or be present at a conference?

These events are held for those outside of your organization. They can be user conferences or industry conferences. These events require higher levels of video production so that virtual attendees are provided a similar quality to in-person attendees. These events allow attendees who are unable to travel to the event to participate and learn.